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MSN Messenger 5+
Text Description Picture Text Description Picture
:-) or :) Smiley :-( or :( Sad Smiley
:-O or :o Surprised Smiley (H) or (h) Hot Smiley
:-@ or:@ Angry Smiley :-$ or :$ Embarrassed Smiley
:-| or :| Disappointed Smiley :-P or :p Smiley with Tongue out
:-D or :d Open-Mouthed Smiley :-S or :s Confused Smiley
(A) or (a) Angel Smiley (6) Devil Smiley
(@) Cat (&) Dog
(Y) or (y) Thumbs Up (N) or (n) Thumbs Down
(Z) or (z) Boy (X) or (x) Girl
({) Left Hug (}) Right Hug
(S) Half-moon (*) Star
(L) or (l) Red Heart (U) or (u) Broken Heart
(F) or (f) Red Rose (W) or (w) Wilted Rose
(K) or (k) Red Lips (G) or (g) Gift with Bow
(T) or (t) Telephone Receiver (P) or (p) Camera
(B) or (b) Beer Mug (D) or (d) Martini Glass
(C) or (c) Coffee Cup (I) or (i) Light bulb
(E) or (e) Envelope (~) Film Strip
(8) Musical Eighth Note (O) or (o) Clock
(M) or (m) MSN Messenger Icon      
Now Animated in MSN Messenger 6
;-) or ;) Winking Smiley :'( Crying Smiley
:-[ or :[ Vampire Bat (^) Birthday Cake
MSN Messenger 5 Secrets
(?) Age Sex Location (%) Handcuffs
(R) or (r) Rainbow (#) Sun
MSN Messenger 6+
Text Description Picture Text Description Picture
8o| Baring Teeth Smiley :-# Don't Tell Anyone Smiley
8-| Nerd Smiley ^o) Sarcastic Smiley
:-* Secret Telling Smiley +o( Sick Smiley
(pl) Dinner Plate (||) Bowl
(pi) Pizza (so) Soccer Ball
(au) Auto (ap) Airplane
(um) Umbrella (ip) Island with a Palm Tree
(co) Computer (mp) Mobile Phone
(bah) Black Sheep (sn) Snail
(st) Stormy (mo) Money
Animated Emoticons
:^) I Don't Know Smiley *-) Thinking Smiley
8-) Eye-Rolling Smiley |-) Sleepy Smiley
<:o) Party Smiley (li) Lightning
Secret Emoticons
(brb) Be Right Back (h5) High Five
(yn) Fingers Crossed (tu) Turtle
(xx) X-Box (ci) Cigarette
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